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In Gambia, Siabatou walks long distances every day to get clean water for her family.

Help shorten the distance by creating a sustainable water source in her village and other villages throughout Gambia.

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The story

Meet Siabatou, a woman from Gambia who must walk long distances every day to get clean water for her family. Like her, many women in Gambia must walk the length of a marathon to reach clean water.

Water For Africa is an organization that builds boreholes, a sustainable water source, in villages all over Gambia so that these women no longer have to walk for water. With each donation we can help shorten the distance for every woman in Gambia.

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About Water For Africa

The charity Water for Africa builds boreholes (sustainable water sources) in Africa.

They believe that it’s important to not only build clean water ​sources for these communities, but to provide them with continuous support and training to ensure these boreholes remain viable for many years.

With the help of charitable donations, Water for Africa has been able to complete over 100 boreholes for communities in Africa to date.

Visit the website waterforafrica.org.uk